Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my love

It all started in my first year here in IIT. A mere acquaintance led to a strong eternal bond. A bond which can bend but never break. It wasn't pleasant,the time that we spent together but some unknown power has kept us so close so long and I think this special relationship will be by my side till the end. I fail to understand the hostility of my friends towards it. They are so acrimonious that they don't let it any where in there vicinity. And yes, they consider themselves to be happy. They consider it to be some sort of pathogen that when attacks a victim leaves him/her with sleepless nights and strange facial expression. "LOAD mat le yaar" , "Arre LOAD kyun leta hai" are the common consolations heard from well wishers but the victim shows no sign of recovery until the "LOAD" wishes to spare him all by itself.
"Now u r in final year. Peace maar. Ab toh 'LOAD' lena bandh kar" is what friend say but how can I make them understand that it's not me who owns it. It's a joint effort. Now it's impossible for me to part off. I can't break this relationship, just because I want to be "so called" happy. I can't be so rude to walk off now when it had supported me all these years in IIT. I owe my success and achievements to "LOAD". Hadn't it been there to accompany me I won't have come this far. It's because of "LOAD" that I've stuck to my goals and worked accordingly to achieve them. I heartily thank "LOAD" for all my achievements.Yes, I love you "LOAD". You r an important part of my life.
How can I forget those exam days when you used to be awake with me till late night as I prepared for the next day...You used to accompany me to the lab when I would not be prepared well for my viva. You have helped me when it came to the submission of assignments on the last date. You were still there when I banged my head to find that simple error in my C code that would make my code run properly in the last few seconds of the PDS lab test. I can feel your presence everyday. However disguised you may be but I can feel you with closed eyes. You fill the air with warmth and trepidation. It's always a great sensation when you are around.
So, will it be just to leave my "beloved LOAD" when it had propelled me so far. At this verge of transition from college life to the harsh world of reality can I let go my partner, my supporter , my driving force just because I want to be happy. No, I can't do that....I want "LOAD" to be by my side always with happiness along with it.

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