Friday, July 6, 2007

The Rainy Concert...

Have you ever wondered , what is the lyrics of the frogs' cacophony....I'm proud to announce, I have...It rained and rained and rained ,submerging the tallest tip of the grass,and it continued to rain even after....this was the perfect podium for the frogs to begin their orchestra....If you are lucky and have enough understanding to appreciate their choir you are cordially invited...Like the school band which had never practiced,they started in an asynchronous note, but soon gained perfection....well, since I haven't much of understanding of their divine music I could engulf only a meagre amount....The concert started by appraising the Almighty for the rain and rejoicing every moment of it.."Re'ny Dey, Re'ny Dey" they all sang in their typical nasal voice.....This was followed by a song detailing perhaps their next concert venue.."Maine Gate, Maine Gate..." it continued ,with more songs to entertain the audience which had various insects and worms among the special guest apart from me....The concert continued with the song from their latest album,"Cake Cake Cake Cake...",,,I was so deeply enchanted by the musical extravaganza that I hardly realized that my nose was sticking to the rain poured window pane as my face rested on the fisted support of my hands and eyes fixed on the watery lawn spread before me.....It was raining, now more heavily than the what it was in the beginning....I turned back, leaving behind the concert in its full fiesta.......


  1. this post is the best among all is very humorous ...u made me laugh aloud!!!! far as the style is concerned this post is flawless....u r inspiring me to start writing blogs...and yes ur vocab has improved a dont get tensed !!!!

  2. thanx mohona,yesterday I was really busy attending the frogs' concert the whole morning...[:)]regarding seems like a chasm to me..