Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my love

It all started in my first year here in IIT. A mere acquaintance led to a strong eternal bond. A bond which can bend but never break. It wasn't pleasant,the time that we spent together but some unknown power has kept us so close so long and I think this special relationship will be by my side till the end. I fail to understand the hostility of my friends towards it. They are so acrimonious that they don't let it any where in there vicinity. And yes, they consider themselves to be happy. They consider it to be some sort of pathogen that when attacks a victim leaves him/her with sleepless nights and strange facial expression. "LOAD mat le yaar" , "Arre LOAD kyun leta hai" are the common consolations heard from well wishers but the victim shows no sign of recovery until the "LOAD" wishes to spare him all by itself.
"Now u r in final year. Peace maar. Ab toh 'LOAD' lena bandh kar" is what friend say but how can I make them understand that it's not me who owns it. It's a joint effort. Now it's impossible for me to part off. I can't break this relationship, just because I want to be "so called" happy. I can't be so rude to walk off now when it had supported me all these years in IIT. I owe my success and achievements to "LOAD". Hadn't it been there to accompany me I won't have come this far. It's because of "LOAD" that I've stuck to my goals and worked accordingly to achieve them. I heartily thank "LOAD" for all my achievements.Yes, I love you "LOAD". You r an important part of my life.
How can I forget those exam days when you used to be awake with me till late night as I prepared for the next day...You used to accompany me to the lab when I would not be prepared well for my viva. You have helped me when it came to the submission of assignments on the last date. You were still there when I banged my head to find that simple error in my C code that would make my code run properly in the last few seconds of the PDS lab test. I can feel your presence everyday. However disguised you may be but I can feel you with closed eyes. You fill the air with warmth and trepidation. It's always a great sensation when you are around.
So, will it be just to leave my "beloved LOAD" when it had propelled me so far. At this verge of transition from college life to the harsh world of reality can I let go my partner, my supporter , my driving force just because I want to be happy. No, I can't do that....I want "LOAD" to be by my side always with happiness along with it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Driven me CRAZY....

Story books or novels had never been my adoration. Partly because I can't defy my elders who have the notion that there are much more relevant things to spend time on rather than light up your eyes on a story book which is fictitious and partly because I enjoy activating my eyes and ears in front of a screen, may it be of the television or the computer.
Inspite of all these ,I've managed to engulf a few including one or two of the Nancy Drew and Feluda series. They were good but failed to kindle the diligence to read further. I was placid about this inability of mine till I came across the creation of J.K Rowling. My friends used to eulogize this book like many others that they read. But may be it was a jinx or a hex cast by this lady,Rowling, that made me to flip through the first book "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". It was as if the book was enchanted by some spell I knew not what, drove me crazy for it. The alacrity have now taken the shape of craziness for the books as well as the movies.
As I imbibe into the words of the coarse and yellowish pages of the bound books by the Bloomsbury publication I find myself amongst the various witches and wizards in the environment created by the author. Sometimes I find myself attending the class of Professor Snape with his black eyes narrowing on me while the other time I'm flying on a broom after a golden snitch playing Quidditch. A number of times I stand amongst the Unforgivable curses of Lord Voldemort aimed at Harry while the other time I'm enjoying delicious end of the term feast with Ron ,Hermione and other Hogwarts members.
People find it childish or even waste of time , reading these fantasy stories without a trace of reality garnished to it. But as I've said , the author has surely cast some spell on it which keeps me bewitched and leads me to gluttonously engulfing the book untill its through.
The rumours that Harry Potter, the protagonist of this series will die fighting the dreadfull villain Lord Voldemort seems fading now that I've read the penultimate book to the series "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". Though the author has very ingeniously tried to create an atmosphere of anxiety and concern for Harry amongst the Potter fans , but I opine that it'll not be end of Harry in the seventh book.
The seventh book is destined for 21st July 2007. Now it's a matter of hours for the revelation of the mystery..........

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A walk to remember

The cool morning breeze streamed over my face along with some of my hairs. Some dry leaves which lay silent , suddenly seemed to gain life as they danced with the breeze to land at a distance from where they were earlier, accompanied by some strange colored dried flowers. The old trees ahead cast deep, dark , cool shadow. Though the sky was bright and blue but the sunlight had to force its entry through the thick canopy. The rustling of the leaves whispered me to take another step into this enchanting world. My step into this paradise was greeted by twittering of the birds. As I outflanked my hair from my face and took another step forward I spotted a scarlet flower beaming at me. It nodded in the cool breeze as did the green leaves which hung loosely from the trees on either side of the road. I bent forward to have a closer look at it. Just as I inched my hand to have it , a bright colored butterfly whirled over . I drew back and ambled my way through once again...
The swirly road underneath looked like a gigantic serpentine with yellow spots of the sunlight over the dusty brown body. Dew drops dazzled like diamond over the edges of the grass in the streaks of sunlight.
The trees on either side of the road were my companion along the way.The vivid color of the flowers attracted humming bees and colorful butterflies. A divine aroma of these unknown flowers intoxicated the whole atmosphere. It bewitched me more into its deepest core. Green moss covered stones looked like throne awaiting in regalia for its king. Bunches of voluptuous fruits swung with the air of arrogance as the sight of the onlookers got stuck on them.
As I stepped further into this enchanted world, chuckling of water in concord with the twittering of the birds and rustling of the leaves was carried to me by the breeze. A moment later trees came to a halt and there stood before me a stream. Its clear water sparkled in the bright sun light like a stream of jewels.
I stood their with my arms outstretched to embrace the golden sun which was now glaring at me. Incense of unknown flowers and wet soil was still imbibing my senses.
I wished this moment to be eternal...

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Rainy Concert...

Have you ever wondered , what is the lyrics of the frogs' cacophony....I'm proud to announce, I have...It rained and rained and rained ,submerging the tallest tip of the grass,and it continued to rain even after....this was the perfect podium for the frogs to begin their orchestra....If you are lucky and have enough understanding to appreciate their choir you are cordially invited...Like the school band which had never practiced,they started in an asynchronous note, but soon gained perfection....well, since I haven't much of understanding of their divine music I could engulf only a meagre amount....The concert started by appraising the Almighty for the rain and rejoicing every moment of it.."Re'ny Dey, Re'ny Dey" they all sang in their typical nasal voice.....This was followed by a song detailing perhaps their next concert venue.."Maine Gate, Maine Gate..." it continued ,with more songs to entertain the audience which had various insects and worms among the special guest apart from me....The concert continued with the song from their latest album,"Cake Cake Cake Cake...",,,I was so deeply enchanted by the musical extravaganza that I hardly realized that my nose was sticking to the rain poured window pane as my face rested on the fisted support of my hands and eyes fixed on the watery lawn spread before me.....It was raining, now more heavily than the what it was in the beginning....I turned back, leaving behind the concert in its full fiesta.......

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ohh....What happened to my Department???

Nothing could be seen clearly....thick mist was clinging the thin air as far as eyes go....acrid smell of chemicals and burnt laboratory equipments filled the surrounding making it difficult to breath...the building stand there all alone among the wreckage,,,dilapidated and crushed....the broken and upturned piece of the shining label promptes the glorious existence of the building before the devastation....fumes erupted here and there and often caused small fireworks as chemicals got mixed...I was standing there..all alone..my heart sank the more I thought about those precious time we spent there, with friends and teachers.....I was standing before our Department..our beloved department,now in ruins....."Get up...it's already late"...Did I hear a faint voice???...No, may be I was hallucinating....Ohhh I can't imagine ...only yesterday it was as full of life and now it stand before me all in pieces...."Get up...it's time for lunch"..this time the voice sounded more firm and clear..and the next moment I was being rocked....It took me some time to regain my senses,....."You were sleeping for an hour , get up now, it's time for lunch",my mother grinned...Ohh it was a dream...a dreadful one....I was asleep pillowing a Quantum Chemistry book....I promised myself to never sleep with the dreadful Quantum Chemistry book to avoid such devastating dreams.....