Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cacophony to whispers

My previous post attracted a lot of junk comments, I don't know why?? Perhaps the title did the trick.

Never mind.

I'm bored.Bored of taking rest. My recurring fever adds to the anguish. I've got pharyngitis. That is upper throat infection. My cacophony has been cut down to whispers. With occasional strikes of cough and choked nose has made my life much more difficult.

Now you would say, what's a big deal, everyone (ummm... not everyone though) has fevers and sore throat. I know, this post is to keep a record that I had to visit a doctor for this (everyone does, but I haven't for last 15 years), take antibiotics ( a broad spectrum antibiotic to be specific). I know I'll be fine in couple of days (thanks to the antibiotics, they are capable of curing almost any infection on earth).

This is really a change after marriage. This is an addition to the previous post.

Visit to a doctor