Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Happiness.....

It's the fish curry that made me happy today...Or may be its the victory of the protagonist of my favourite TV soap on that wicked villain...No, perhaps it's because I could slip into my sister's dress which indicates appreciable loss of my weight...I don't know what it is but I can feel my heart buoyant. It seems as if my heart is defying the Newton's law of gravity. It has broken free from the clutches of tensions and apprehensions and now it's jumping, flying, swirling , laughing and dancing. And that's why I'm happy.
One would think...."Is the author sane? I mean.. what's there to be happy about? Some boring TV serial or a silly fish curry...How disgusting it sounds"....But I am not bothered...There's no definite reason for me to be happy. I can be and I am happy about things which most find silly and childish and at times very boring. I don't blame them.
My reasons of happiness are very austere. I can draw happiness from instances which others find dull and morbid. A new earing which attracts the attention of my friends makes me happy. The sprinkles of rain into our balcony over our flowery shrubs make me happy. Watching pigeons fly in and out of the small gap in the tall water tank make me happy. The success of an ant to swim out of water after much effort makes me happy. A clear sky after a shower makes me happy. The fragrance of the morning flowers make me happy.Watching the sprinklers spray water on the institute lawn makes me happy. The rainbow over the grey canvas makes me happy. The sliver of the sun from behind the clouds makes me happy.The pink sky of dusk with patches of orange clouds bordered by gold of the setting sun make me happy.And there are my pets which always make me happy.
We all have seen these at a number of times but have you ever been happy at their presence ?. Did your heart leap if not dance? Could you sense a sudden pleasant change in ambiance? Did you stand still to appreciate them?Did you fall agape?I do...Every time I see them.
This world is full of wonders and every moment we live is a wonder. It is we who can draw happiness out of it. In todays hectic life we complain about tension and workload. Happiness is around us. It is us, the individual who needs to find it out. If we learn the artifice to draw happiness we will find ourself on top of this world with our heart sharing the same sensation as of mine today and at this moment.


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  2. ur blog is as usual very gud...but repetition of similar sentence ending avoid korish..also do wat i said u...it will be much easier 4 me 2 comment then...

  3. nice one..keep it up;bt "makes me happy" sounds somewhat repeatative .........

  4. thanx mohona and debarati...i'll keep that in mind..