Saturday, January 8, 2011

Prince to Pauper

I was never a Saurav Ganguly fan. I thought him to be an arrogant and dominating person. Infact, I liked Rahul Dravid. I felt, he was deprived of the recognitions and accolades that he deserved. But, won't deny, being a bengali, always had a soft corner for Saurav. Rejoiced when he hit double tons in England world cup. My heart was filled with pride when he celebrated after the Natwest trophy win. I also triumphed when he lead India to win against the high-nosed Aussies, performed brilliantly in his comeback match in South Africa.

Over the years, people around me, tagged me as a born Ganguly fan. Ganguly's failure turned sarcastic smiling faces towards me. Ganguly's accomplishments gave me a chance to give it back to them. I started associating with this person.

Today, when Ganguly was left unsold in the IPL 4 auction, I really felt bad. I won't lie that I tried to console myself saying "After all, he was not playing that well", "May be KKR can win some matches this time". But then a second voice argues from within.. "He played well last time, made runs, took great catches". Then again a consoling voice prompts, "But KKR has Gautum Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan and Jacques Kallis. Pretty good team. After all you wanted the team to win".  The second voice speaks again, "He deserved a better farewell than this. He was an excellent player and captain at some point of time"..."Remember his huge sixes that flew over the long off against spinners"..."Remember, his attitude, which made the slang spouting Aussies to lower their heads after their loss at Eden Gardens".The first voice says again , "Why am I bothered? I don't care."

The consoling voice over powers the already bleed-ed and blow stricken compassionate voice. And now, my mind gives its final judgment...

Price to pauper... personified