Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ohh....What happened to my Department???

Nothing could be seen clearly....thick mist was clinging the thin air as far as eyes go....acrid smell of chemicals and burnt laboratory equipments filled the surrounding making it difficult to breath...the building stand there all alone among the wreckage,,,dilapidated and crushed....the broken and upturned piece of the shining label promptes the glorious existence of the building before the devastation....fumes erupted here and there and often caused small fireworks as chemicals got mixed...I was standing there..all heart sank the more I thought about those precious time we spent there, with friends and teachers.....I was standing before our Department..our beloved department,now in ruins....."Get's already late"...Did I hear a faint voice???...No, may be I was hallucinating....Ohhh I can't imagine ...only yesterday it was as full of life and now it stand before me all in pieces...."Get's time for lunch"..this time the voice sounded more firm and clear..and the next moment I was being rocked....It took me some time to regain my senses,....."You were sleeping for an hour , get up now, it's time for lunch",my mother grinned...Ohh it was a dream...a dreadful one....I was asleep pillowing a Quantum Chemistry book....I promised myself to never sleep with the dreadful Quantum Chemistry book to avoid such devastating dreams.....


  1. It's fine..and u'r surely improving..i js found 1 mistake..line 11..u'v written shud be spent..chck it asap.
    rest id fine..and regarding the june chapter..thr r few betterments i'll suggest later.
    best of lck wth these. :)

  2. very good indeed...........u write really good blogs!!may be i wud take ur suggestions to try my hand at it....