Thursday, January 24, 2008

Through the stained glass

Look into the world. Glaring bright light dazzles the eyes. Blazing heat fight against you with all its might, making it impossible to withstand them. Some struggle their way through this adversity, some fail and others give up. But, the light that blinds you can fill you with astonishment. Let them reach you through the stained glasses. Your darkened corners are enlightened by the mystical rays. These glasses battles with the cruel light outside and bleeds itself to protect you from them. You sit safe behind them to enjoy the colorful display unaware of the outer world. It gives you the illusion that the world beyond these stained glasses are much more wonderful. Years of fight , bleaches out the color and then you are exposed to the heat.

Am, I sounding vague ? Well, then let me make it clear.

Our life starts in these dark rooms , with mild light entering through stained glasses to enlighten our colorless mind and thoughts. Our parents guide and protect us from the scorching and biting outer world like these stained glasses. They fight against all odds to provide us a safe and happy shelter. They let the happiness and joy reach us absorbing the sorrows and worries themselves. Its a majestic and enigmatic life cherished with their protecting charm to keep you away from the bestial world. You love and care for them.
But slowly, our parents grow old. Their colors wear off. Prolonged fight makes them tired and enervated. They need support and much more care. It's our duty then, to do what they've done for us. Render them love , care and affection. If we aren't there for them, then they'll be exposed to the crippling glare to succumb. So, I feel that, we should think before chasing our own dreams selfishly, because they won't say or let you know that they are exhausted.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Remembering me....

Let me guess how my friends and batchmates will remember me when I'm gone out of their sight and blurred from their memories.

10 Years Later......Conversation between two of my friends.

"Aditi Das , who????"... may be the first question with narrowed eyes in an effort to recollect. "Arre wahi naati si , Chemistry mein thi....yaad aaya...???" ...probably someone might help by this first description of mine. "Chemistry mein.....which batch, kiske batch mein thi???" ...still wandering the memories to find this lost character. "Mohona ke batch mein..." ......"Hmmmm shayad thi koi, thik se yaad nahi aa raha hai abhi bhi..." "wahi jo hamesha oily hairs mein aati thi, baal sar se chipka rehta tha, " ..."Haan , yaad aaya, woh kanjus, kabhi treat nahi deti thi, par humare treats mein aati thi..." ...."Aur bilkul nerd thi, tube light type , padhai ke alawa kuch pata nhai hota tha..." "Regular classes karti thi, bunk bhi nhai marti thi yaar..hadd hai, fifth year mein bhi..." "Aur kya CG badhai thi, 6 point something se 8 point something, usse PhD karna chahiye tha, achhe university mein milta" "Par job karne ke liye pagal thi, frustt kar diya tha sab ko ek saal pehle se, " ...."Campus ke bahar bhi nahi jaati thi, kabhi Kolkata bhi nahi gayi...hehehhehehe" ..."Din raat library jaaygi toh kya hoga.." "Notes ke badle mein treat leti thi..." " Chhoti chhoti baaton mein gussa ho jati thi par bohot bolti thi aur hamesha hansti rehti thi..." "Kitne saare nehli maare the usne, yaar"..."Aur kitna TV dekhti thi, hamesha kuch na kuch serial dekhke khush rehti thi.." "Na SF , na Hall day , kisi mein bhi nahi aati thi"....."Sirf insti , aur ghar ke alawa kahi bhi nahi jati thi, par haan, apne parents ki baat bohot manti thi, har baat mein unka permission leti thi"..."Bohot muggu thi, hardworking bhi, hamesha assignments aur lab work time pe karti thi, kitni baar humne usse jhapa hai ..hehehhehe..."...."Bohot tempo tha usmein padhne ka , research karne ka , pata nahi PhD kyun nahi ki, Prof ban jati...."..."Achha hua nahi ki, warna uske students ki halat kharab ho jati, itni strict teacher, students frustt ho jate ..hahahahahahah...."................and it continued.

At last they could remember me.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The caged bird

I wanted to breathe free air,
I wanted to fly higher and higher,
I wanted to conquer the world,
I wanted to follow the whispers in my head.
I wanted to dance away my happiness.

But now that I'm free
I feel it difficult to suck in the air,
Cross winds drag me down,
My heart stops me from following the voice of my head,
I'm not happy any more.

I liked my captivity , is what I feel now
I enjoyed the golden bars of my cage,
I loved myself following what I was said,
Because I was cared , loved ,
Because I knew I was safe from the cruel world.

Now that I'm free, and about to fly
I wish I could be in my safe cage for a bit longer,
Away from the scorching heat outside,
Spend some more time with those who loved me,
I want to be with them and tell them how much I care for them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Trickling down your cheeks....

Hot tears down your cheeks say much more in silence. Your wet eyes speaks when words seem to betray you. But these tears are not bound by your will. They are in search of occasions to trickle down .Whether it is a sad one or a happy one , your vision is blurred by these uninvited guests. Sometimes you smudge them with the back of your palm with a smile acknowledging happiness while the other time you twitch your face with sorrow.

When in grief, if you try to stop them , they are too notorious to cause pain deep down your throat , as if challenging you to let them free. Though they seem to have no weight , but you will find them unbearably heavy on your heart if you keep them suppressed.

When in joy, they spill out without you noticing that they are already dazzling at the corner of your eyes. Your broad smile reflects on the clear drop as it rolls down your cheeks. These, though momentary, express your emmense delight from the unfathomable bottom of your heart.

What you fail to express by words , tears do it for you. They are always with you. In agony , in bliss , in repentace , in hardship, in triumph , in remembrance of deceased near ones. Let them free and they will melt the heavy burden on your heart and make you ready to face the world with new hope and courage.