Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers' Day

Yesterday (May , 11 th ) was Mothers' Day. I don't know how many of you were aware of it and could manage few minutes to wish her.

Well... I was aware of it and didn't bother to thank her. Because I couldn't find anything special about the day. It was as usual like the other days. She was busy making breakfast when I woke up like every other day and went to bed like every other night thanking God for the day. The day had nothing in the air which would make me feel that I should wish my mom. How inhuman and selfish I am , isn't it?

But thanking my mother doesn't require a date which is decided by someone I don't know. Why should I celebrate Mothers' Day on May 11 th ? Do I really have enough words to thank her? Thank her for all that she has done for me. The pain she has taken to see me today in a position where I can take care of myself ( that's what I think , probably not she). She deserves my happiness more than my wishes on a selected date. I would thank her on that special day when I'll get my first hard earned salary. That will be the moment I'd first like to share with my mom. Because that's the day when I'll wake up and find every thing much pleasant around me. That will be the day when I'll celebrate Mother's Day and thank her every thing.

Bidding good-byes

I don't like saying "GOOD-BYE". Saying good-bye seems as if we aren't going to meet in future. It churns the happy moments we've spent together and that we won't get a second chance to relive those. It reminds me of all those events that we've planned to do together and never managed to execute them due to some reason or the other.
However tough I may pretend to be but I can't stand the very moment. My eyes start burning and I can feel tears pouring into them from the corners. My throat seems to choke. My mind dictates my heart that I should not get this melodramatic after all I'm a big girl now. I should control my emotions. In an attempt to do so , I can sense the hard hammering deep down my chest. But I cleverly mask them with a smile on my face and a fake impression that I'm a sturdy person who have hardly got any emotion.
Why do we need to say good-byes ? Why can't we avoid these moments ? My mask is thinning out and I'll no longer be able to covert my emotions.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Searching for alternatives....

I had a firm belief. At least , that is what got inculcated in me. You work hard and you get what you wished for. There's no alternative to hard work , is what I believed till recently. Infact , my success and achievements used to well corroborate with this belief of mine. I worked hard and got what I deserved, sometimes a bit more than that... This made my belief stronger and I never hesitated to put in my efforts , however difficult the situation may be. The only hope being , the sweet taste of achievement after this long hardship.

But it seems , things have changed. This philosophy of life seems mere "old bookish lines" meant to tell young kids at their primary level. Today working hard isn't enough to succeed. You need the X-factor what they call now. Sincerity , efficiency and dedication is being overshadowed by the moments of deceptive manifestations. The end results matter , no matter how you have achieved them.

So, what should I do? Morph myself to adapt the changing world? Do what most people around me does? Or keep on working hard with all my dedication, efficiency and sincerity? But one thing is for sure, I want to succeed without bearing a trace of guilt in my heart that I have got what I didn't genuinely deserve.