Taste Diary

This page does not provide recipes to make these dishes. I've still not developed the habit of scribbling down the steps for making these. So, for now it'll only be photos for gawking.

27th January

Having problem with the picture storage limit. Need to do some thing... :(((

26th January

Bread chaat
 20th January

Doi Fulkopi / Dahi Gobi

15th January

Patishapta, malpua, narkel nadu

14th January

Rui maachher murighonto

Vegetable clear soup
9th January

Hot and spicy mushroom manchurian
6th January

Payesh / Kheer / Rice pudding

Bread dahi vada
5th January

Chicken tikka masala with peas pulao
4th January
Sponge cake with orange zest

2nd January

Sweet raw mango chatney

1st January, 2011
Stuffed capsicum

Tofu egg roll

31st December, 2010
Capsicum mushroom pasta in hot cheesy tomato sauce

25th December, 2010

Motorshutir kachuri aar ghugni

Vegetable stir fry with noodles

Vanilla cake with chocolate swirls

Dry fruit cake

Crunchy salad
19th December, 2010

Seer fish masala fry

Seer fish curry

 4th December, 2010
Chicken Lollipop

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