Thursday, July 19, 2007

Driven me CRAZY....

Story books or novels had never been my adoration. Partly because I can't defy my elders who have the notion that there are much more relevant things to spend time on rather than light up your eyes on a story book which is fictitious and partly because I enjoy activating my eyes and ears in front of a screen, may it be of the television or the computer.
Inspite of all these ,I've managed to engulf a few including one or two of the Nancy Drew and Feluda series. They were good but failed to kindle the diligence to read further. I was placid about this inability of mine till I came across the creation of J.K Rowling. My friends used to eulogize this book like many others that they read. But may be it was a jinx or a hex cast by this lady,Rowling, that made me to flip through the first book "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". It was as if the book was enchanted by some spell I knew not what, drove me crazy for it. The alacrity have now taken the shape of craziness for the books as well as the movies.
As I imbibe into the words of the coarse and yellowish pages of the bound books by the Bloomsbury publication I find myself amongst the various witches and wizards in the environment created by the author. Sometimes I find myself attending the class of Professor Snape with his black eyes narrowing on me while the other time I'm flying on a broom after a golden snitch playing Quidditch. A number of times I stand amongst the Unforgivable curses of Lord Voldemort aimed at Harry while the other time I'm enjoying delicious end of the term feast with Ron ,Hermione and other Hogwarts members.
People find it childish or even waste of time , reading these fantasy stories without a trace of reality garnished to it. But as I've said , the author has surely cast some spell on it which keeps me bewitched and leads me to gluttonously engulfing the book untill its through.
The rumours that Harry Potter, the protagonist of this series will die fighting the dreadfull villain Lord Voldemort seems fading now that I've read the penultimate book to the series "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". Though the author has very ingeniously tried to create an atmosphere of anxiety and concern for Harry amongst the Potter fans , but I opine that it'll not be end of Harry in the seventh book.
The seventh book is destined for 21st July 2007. Now it's a matter of hours for the revelation of the mystery..........

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