Saturday, July 14, 2007

A walk to remember

The cool morning breeze streamed over my face along with some of my hairs. Some dry leaves which lay silent , suddenly seemed to gain life as they danced with the breeze to land at a distance from where they were earlier, accompanied by some strange colored dried flowers. The old trees ahead cast deep, dark , cool shadow. Though the sky was bright and blue but the sunlight had to force its entry through the thick canopy. The rustling of the leaves whispered me to take another step into this enchanting world. My step into this paradise was greeted by twittering of the birds. As I outflanked my hair from my face and took another step forward I spotted a scarlet flower beaming at me. It nodded in the cool breeze as did the green leaves which hung loosely from the trees on either side of the road. I bent forward to have a closer look at it. Just as I inched my hand to have it , a bright colored butterfly whirled over . I drew back and ambled my way through once again...
The swirly road underneath looked like a gigantic serpentine with yellow spots of the sunlight over the dusty brown body. Dew drops dazzled like diamond over the edges of the grass in the streaks of sunlight.
The trees on either side of the road were my companion along the way.The vivid color of the flowers attracted humming bees and colorful butterflies. A divine aroma of these unknown flowers intoxicated the whole atmosphere. It bewitched me more into its deepest core. Green moss covered stones looked like throne awaiting in regalia for its king. Bunches of voluptuous fruits swung with the air of arrogance as the sight of the onlookers got stuck on them.
As I stepped further into this enchanted world, chuckling of water in concord with the twittering of the birds and rustling of the leaves was carried to me by the breeze. A moment later trees came to a halt and there stood before me a stream. Its clear water sparkled in the bright sun light like a stream of jewels.
I stood their with my arms outstretched to embrace the golden sun which was now glaring at me. Incense of unknown flowers and wet soil was still imbibing my senses.
I wished this moment to be eternal...

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  1. the post is excellent...ur vocab has improved a lot !!!!