Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I met "Him" - Final Post

Warning: Keep expectations low from this post.

Wanted to go to the temple this morning but postponed tentatively till..............Today is Ugadi, local festival in Karnataka. We've got a holiday and have lots of outdoor plans for the day, so thought of scribbling the post in the morning.

So.....what happened next.................

We went in Sahib Sind Sultan. Friends and colleagues who have managed to get to Sahib Sind Sultan by then have told me that it's an expensive restaurant. It's advisable to cut your manager's pocket in this restaurant than our own. Baapre !!!!! 

Ohh... I forgot to mention this particular incident during his first call. As he suggested Sahib Sind Sultan for lunch, I was like OMG. The "paise bachao" activist in me protested and soon could be heard. I repeatedly tried to convince him that it's too expensive and should be avoided. He still remembers and mimics my clamour. He told me that it's a good restaurant and is not that expensive. I had to agree, but it gave me impression about him. "This guy is spendthrift. Which means if we get married, I would have to witness the heart ripping scene of cash flowing out of our account". Let's see....

Indeed Sahib Sind Sultan was good.
 The dimly lit ambiance with soft instrumental music of old hindi movie songs made it a perfect place for two of us to talk.

[Picture Courtesy - www.ownersperspective.com]

Guess the first thing he asked???

"Do you know how to cook?" he asked with a grin. "Yes" I said trying to be shy. He later disclosed though that he expected a "No", expecting me to be a good-for-nothing, over pampered IIT professor's daughter. 

We settled down in the cozy seats (as seen in the image) facing each other. My eyes avoiding his. My heart pounding. A smile stuck to my lips. Once or twice I tried to have a look at the surrounding to inspect the crowd around. He started the conversation hesitantly. I joined in. One thing that I thought I would make clear was the fact that I talk too much. I'm too talkative. The initial couple of minutes of shyness that I tried to project was soon abated by the burst of talking that I did.

We talked about a lot of things. Being from the same alma mater gives us lots of topic to talk about.
We talked about IIT , khadus Profs, depressing departments, bunking lectures (though I've only 1 class), hostel life.
We talked about Kharagpur, Durgapur(his hometown and my native place), Kolkata(I was suprised to know that I've never been to Kolkata and have not seen the famous places), Bangalore.
We talked about cricket, music, my tv serials and movies.
We talked about our hobbies, interests, jobs, life, friends, roommates.
We talked about our achievements, successes and victory.

Our conversation was occasionally disrupted by the waiter serving our mouthwatering meals. Boneless chicken tikka in the starter added to my delight. Fragrance of steaming chicken biryani cooked in ceramic pots and spicy chicken curry led me to forget the expense. Regular sips of "Sahib ka panna" (a cooling mint flavoured pineapple juice) rejuvenated us to talk more.

Now that we have talked so much and was feeling less awkward than before, I thought of asking that great question which I've thought of asking any prospective groom. The question that could lead to the guy to be rejected.

Me: "May I ask you something?"
Him: "Yes sure"
Me: "Do you drink and smoke?"
Him: No (nodding)
Me: Really!!! (surprised)

I felt relieved, as if a heavy stone have been remove.

We talked and laughed. It was a great meeting. It seemed as if I've known him for years. So very much good and impressive was he that I have to admit I liked him. He looked simple, honest (atleast to me at that time), smart and responsible. I liked his smile. I liked his thoughts and way of handling issues. I liked his respect and care for family. Wanted him to marry me.

In came the dessert, cooling "Litchi ki teheri" (deseeded litchi simmered in milk, similar to kheer). Our meeting was coming to an end. "I'm your senior from IIT. This is a treat from me" he said. "Wow!! good for me"  I thought.

We started to leave. We paused. It was time to say goodbye. "So....what are you going to say to your parents? Shall we go ahead with this relationship?" he asked. It didn't take me time to say "Yes". I asked him the same and "Yes" came the answer. We promised to meet again. We waved goodbye. I wished we could talk for some more time (I always feel that though).

The clock read 3pm. On my way back, I called back home. "Ma, I liked him, he's good , looks way better than his photos......................." I informed them excitedly. They sounded happy. I had just crossed the first hurdles of an arranged marriage.

So that's my story. That was "How I met him".


  1. Hahaha.. I can so well picturise u thr.. and esp. u asking "Do you drink and smoke?".. I can even imitate u saying that .. LOL
    Except fr some grammatical mistakes..it's a nice post :) Keep posting!

  2. now i know how u met him!!great :D

  3. Hi,Aditi.. its me Jublee I hope you remember me (not sure) ...Just want to say that I am very much impressed by your blog especially the way you design it and put all the stuffs appropriate. I am very much fan of your cooking now..it was a great post... keep posting your interesting recipes and stories... if possible plz give some recipe instruction so that I can try it at home... anyways it was great..