Friday, March 26, 2010


[This is a sarcastic post. I have no intentions of hurting personal/organizational sentiments. Incase it does, my sincere apologies]

Our office has been seeing series of farewells in the recent past. The same old formalities every time . A "All-Hands"meeting (since our company doesn't have much employees, it has the luxury to gather all the employees at a common forum).

Every one gathers to bid farewell. The truth is, very few people cares. People have to be called and invited to shed their esteemed presence to mark the occasion of the departing soul. After a brief introduction about the reason of this gathering, people rock the stage with words of praise.

Sometimes its a prepared speech , other times it's a spontaneous one. They talk about all the good things you've done. As if, life would be so difficult without you in the organization. As if, you had been the Hercules of the organization, without whom the organization would have perished. Unforgettable contributions, technical expertise, team player, hardworking, passionate, sincere and what not. (I always fail to understand, why aren't these said during your appraisal? Why???).

Some of the most common ways of starting these speeches are.. "I have know ABC for the past X year. He is a great person to work with. I have worked in such n such project with him......." and blah blah blah.

If the speech is by one of your close colleague, you can be sure that some funny incident would be publicized with much spice and exaggeration.Incident when you were drunk and sat in the middle of the road at 2am, first meeting which involved a weird conversation, habits that you have if you happened to be roommates/flatmates.

The spontaneous ones are rather funny. Mostly having double meanings (You are smart, you can interpret!!!) "I have shared good professional and personal life with him" ...("Even boxers?" in came a giggling comment from someone standing behind me)..."I have learned a lot of thing from him both professionally and personally"...."We had spent excellent time together"...."He is one of the few guys, whom I look up to"....

Every time it's exactly three speeches. After all these, people still stand there to hear from you. As if, last words from a guru (one who has gained enlightenment). Some people become emotional ("how can this happen to me?" type emotion), others are unable to hide their clandestine happiness of leaving the organization to follow the divine path of enlightenment. But there are some typical sentences that all remembers to include in their speech. "I have learned a lot here"..."I would cherish this experience throughout my life"(Really?!!)..."I have had very good colleagues"..."This is the perfect place to start one's career"(We are so lucky, aren't we?!!)...."Thanks to A, B,C, and also D. I'll miss you all".

After your speech, people gather to have gleams of you. Shake hands with you as if you were are celebrity. Mobbed all around."Best of luck!!"... "All the best for your future"..."Keep in touch"... showering around you.

Wow !!! it's only on the last day that you know that you were so special and valuable. And you thought no one gives a damn about you all these days.....Wrong isn't it??

Farewell... Huh !!!!

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