Sunday, March 14, 2010

How I met "Him" - 2

I'm in mixed mood today. Pissed off because I've charred my mushroom curry and struggled for 2 hours to solidify a batter to call it pudding. On the other hand , happy and exhilarated as Kolkata Knight Riders have won their second match in IPL 3. With Dada (Saurav Ganguly) hitting a eyecandy sixer over long on has added to my elation.

Well readers... let's continue what happened next from the previous post.

On the very day (the day of the lunch)I woke up quite early. Finished all my regular stuff quickly. Bathed in and rinsed my hair with shampoo way early than other days, so as to let my hair dry and look fluffy instead of sticking to my scalp as they normally do. Though it was not pearly glossy and silky as the shampoo advertisement claims to make the users hair, but made my hair presentable. Never mind...I got dressed up in a mauve coloured salwar kameez as my mom has said and rubbed some cream and powder on my face to look better than I'm on any other day.

The most deprived thing of all my belongings is my purse. Though I earn a descent salary, my purse never has more than hundred bucks, sometimes even less than that. The first thing I thought off was to withdraw some cash to avoid any awkward situation at the very first meeting.

Since I reached Forum early, I thought of diving in to stationaries in Landmark (the famous book store in Forum Mall). My vibrating purse notified of an incoming phone call. It was his, I knew.

I was nervous. Would have whispered "AAll izz well" to my heart if only Aamir Khan had sung the song a year back.With quivering heart, I came out of Landmark and my legs proceeded towards Sahib Sind Sultan.

I saw a guy coming towards me. I knew it should be him. Wow, he looks much different than his photo that his father has sent. Looks much younger and hmmmmmmmmm............ not bad at all. But his dressing sense was not as I had thought, but ok. Wasn't much tall, neither am I, so good.

The first round was cleared. He cleared the first round "Looks and Appearence".

We went and had our sit in the restaurant.

Ohhhh............. This has already become a long post. You must have got bored of reading, but I have more to tell. I'll continue it in the next post. Till then happy cheering for your IPL teams.


  1. Nicely put .. btw, Ganguly hit a six over long off :P

  2. ADITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.......dont write the blogs as K serials.....dying to hear (read) more......plz plz plz plz write fast about what happened next !!!
    by the way: after reading about how u r life changed after marriage, a girl like me (who loves her singleness and independence way too much) also thinks that marriage and sharing once life wid someone is not tat bad after all !! here too aditi, u r my inspiration :)