Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Trickling down your cheeks....

Hot tears down your cheeks say much more in silence. Your wet eyes speaks when words seem to betray you. But these tears are not bound by your will. They are in search of occasions to trickle down .Whether it is a sad one or a happy one , your vision is blurred by these uninvited guests. Sometimes you smudge them with the back of your palm with a smile acknowledging happiness while the other time you twitch your face with sorrow.

When in grief, if you try to stop them , they are too notorious to cause pain deep down your throat , as if challenging you to let them free. Though they seem to have no weight , but you will find them unbearably heavy on your heart if you keep them suppressed.

When in joy, they spill out without you noticing that they are already dazzling at the corner of your eyes. Your broad smile reflects on the clear drop as it rolls down your cheeks. These, though momentary, express your emmense delight from the unfathomable bottom of your heart.

What you fail to express by words , tears do it for you. They are always with you. In agony , in bliss , in repentace , in hardship, in triumph , in remembrance of deceased near ones. Let them free and they will melt the heavy burden on your heart and make you ready to face the world with new hope and courage.


  1. to tell the truth, i wrote this post when i was sad.

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  3. amazing words coming directly from the heart... simply beautiful