Thursday, January 24, 2008

Through the stained glass

Look into the world. Glaring bright light dazzles the eyes. Blazing heat fight against you with all its might, making it impossible to withstand them. Some struggle their way through this adversity, some fail and others give up. But, the light that blinds you can fill you with astonishment. Let them reach you through the stained glasses. Your darkened corners are enlightened by the mystical rays. These glasses battles with the cruel light outside and bleeds itself to protect you from them. You sit safe behind them to enjoy the colorful display unaware of the outer world. It gives you the illusion that the world beyond these stained glasses are much more wonderful. Years of fight , bleaches out the color and then you are exposed to the heat.

Am, I sounding vague ? Well, then let me make it clear.

Our life starts in these dark rooms , with mild light entering through stained glasses to enlighten our colorless mind and thoughts. Our parents guide and protect us from the scorching and biting outer world like these stained glasses. They fight against all odds to provide us a safe and happy shelter. They let the happiness and joy reach us absorbing the sorrows and worries themselves. Its a majestic and enigmatic life cherished with their protecting charm to keep you away from the bestial world. You love and care for them.
But slowly, our parents grow old. Their colors wear off. Prolonged fight makes them tired and enervated. They need support and much more care. It's our duty then, to do what they've done for us. Render them love , care and affection. If we aren't there for them, then they'll be exposed to the crippling glare to succumb. So, I feel that, we should think before chasing our own dreams selfishly, because they won't say or let you know that they are exhausted.

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  1. well....i cudnt understand the metophorical comparison by reading the 1st para only.....the comparison is gud....but 2 me....rather than parents being just the stained glass..i feel they r the whole house in which we have lived.....but ur comparison with the stained glass is more poetic and beautiful !!!