Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Moment

Even a year ago I used to visualize the very moment when I would see my name on the "SELECTED CANDIDATES" list of a company during the placements. How would I react? Will it how Sushmita Sen reacted on her name being announced as Miss Universe 1994, or will it be like the way we react when India wins a cricket match in the last over. How will it be? Would I be dumbstruck and statued with my mouth wide open, or laugh and shout of excitement. Will I go mad of happiness. Perhaps I would clap, 'cause that's what I do when India wins. I would hug my mother tightly with broad grin on our faces. Call every person I could think of and burst out my achievement to them. The long fought battle would at last been won. So much of preparation and prayers have at last born result. I would have got a job. It would take a few months to get back to my normal being from the world of flattery and congratulations.
Perhaps that's what was supposed to have happened. That's what was expected from me who craved for a job for years more than anything. Not a single prayer was made without having the plead for the best job. The wish was granted.
But it wasn't at all this way. I was standing in the corridor in front of the Training and Placements Section with the notice board glass reflecting nothing else than my own image. My eyes got stuck on the single piece of paper ignoring many others which hung by its side. This "special" paper had my name on it. I've got the job. I saw it much carefully this time to convince myself. My heart bounced while my palms sweated. I was suddenly feeling warm in this chilly December morning. I rang up home to tell them what I had just seen.
This was the only moment I waited for years and now I stood there all alone with my own voice echoing in the empty corridor as I walked back home. Neither Sushmita Sen nor cricket type reaction, only a few waves of agility up and down the skeleton. Life remained the same.
But I hope the moments of celebration are yet to come. My colourless mind awaits to be painted.


  1. so whr did aditi get her job?
    which company?

  2. thanx for commenting
    aditi got her job in iRunway India Pvt. Ltd.

  3. Congrats... Could feel the situation. Well written. Many more such occasions are yet to come... and actually keep coming in life. Only intensity of importance may vary. The joy of life is lost once there is nothing to cheer upon... Today, u r rejoicing over your achievements and sometime u rejoice over achievements of your closed ones ...