Sunday, January 13, 2008

The caged bird

I wanted to breathe free air,
I wanted to fly higher and higher,
I wanted to conquer the world,
I wanted to follow the whispers in my head.
I wanted to dance away my happiness.

But now that I'm free
I feel it difficult to suck in the air,
Cross winds drag me down,
My heart stops me from following the voice of my head,
I'm not happy any more.

I liked my captivity , is what I feel now
I enjoyed the golden bars of my cage,
I loved myself following what I was said,
Because I was cared , loved ,
Because I knew I was safe from the cruel world.

Now that I'm free, and about to fly
I wish I could be in my safe cage for a bit longer,
Away from the scorching heat outside,
Spend some more time with those who loved me,
I want to be with them and tell them how much I care for them.

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