Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Letter to KKR Owners from a KKR Supporter

Respected KKR Owners,

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all congratulation for the consistent performance of your (also morally our) team.

I fail to understand why I’m writing this letter because I know it won’t make any difference. I’m doubtful of this letter being read in the first place. But I can’t stop myself from penning down my agony and anger.

I know it’s a game. One team loses while the other team wins. But why is it that we have taken the responsibility of making the other team win every time? Waiting patiently for a good descent game if not a win. Hoping against hope for KKR to win atleast “this” match. But every time, every year it remains unperturbed. While other teams climb up the points table, KKR slides down. KKR has taken up the noble gesture of serving as the foothold for other teams to ascend.
I don’t know whether you can understand the piteous condition of this KKR fan. Bengalis around the world are pre-assumed to be KKR fans by birth and hence tormented after every KKR loss. Being a Bengali and thus a KKR supporter, it’s afflicting to see KKR at the foot of the points table each year. Our logics prompt that KKR won’t win, but our heart defies it every time. We start the game listening to our heart but end the game seeking solace from our mind. “Never mind… After all we knew this would happen”…With hope, trust and moral rampaged in every match, it’s becoming an agonizing thorn in our throat. A thorn that causes only pain. One that can neither be thrown out nor swallowed. KKR has caused more pain than happiness. Also, supporting KKR keeps us away from supporting good cricket, teams and players who play cricket well.

“Ohh… another KKR match today…it’ll lose again”…”Hey your team has a match tonight… hehehehe… it’s definitely going to loose”….. “KKR…hehehehehehhe (sarcastic laughter)”

Why is it KKR every time? Why can’t I say with pride “KKR will win today, you just wait and watch”? Why can’t my team give me some victory to hold my head high and make all those who laugh at KKR, swallow their words? Why can’t KKR give the Maoist stricken Bengal a cause to celebrate this Poila Boishakh (Bengali New Year)?

People say that the KKR team is not good. They lack coordination. Team management isn’t that diligent. It’s a spineless team which lacks spark. But, I won’t point out fault with the team or the management. Because I don’t know what’s wrong and needs to be mended. I only know KKR has disappointed its supporters and taking verbal responsibility of this menace would do nothing.

Standing in the IPL graveyard with KKR coffin in front of me with only two nails to be struck, I really hope KKR wouldn’t have existed. That’s what my heart and mind whimper in unanimity. I hope not to see this KKR in the next season.  

Agonized, but still a KKR Supporter

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  1. its time you start rejoicing it's KKR turn this time . :)