Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letter from a country servant

Respected  Uparwala Sir,

Sir, I am a country servant, Sir. My Commander tell me that my work is to serve the country. He say every one is not packed in national flag when they die. Every one do not get "topo ki salaami". I will get if I die.

But I don't want to die , Sir. I am a constable at the Dantewada. My house is in a village at Kakdeep, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Last year, I got this work after my father died. My father was also a country servant. He died in the forest of Lalgarh in landmine blast two years back. His body was packed in the national flag and dumped in a wooden box. I am the only son, Sir. My house has old half blind mother, wife three children, two cows and one goat. I had sold my land to repair my house after the flood. The only earning member is I. I send them four thousand rupees every month. Four thousand rupees is less to send my children to school, treat my mother.

Sir, I am afraid of the work. I am afraid of the jungle. I am afraid of the Maoist. They hide in the jungles and the hills. They has many many guns and bombs. They attack us and kill us. We are helpless. We don't know the forest. We don't know the forest roads and the soil goodly. We get lost in the forests. We can't sleep because if they attack we will all die. We cannot see them. They start firing bullets like monsoon shower. They put landmines also.Blasts our men and vehicles. There is blood and pieces of flesh smeared everywhere. Smoke of dust and "barood" everywhere. Cries and deaths everywhere. I saw my friends die. Their burnt and tattered bodies. Cry of pain with bullet in their stomach, legs, chest. Uniforms red of blood.  I am very afraid, Sir. I don't want to die. I don't want my bursted body to be packed in national flag and send to my house.

If I die before you read this letter, then please keep some of the request from my friends. My friends say that it is difficult to work in this place. Apart from the Maoist, there are much more enemies to fight. There is not food and water. Very little food, that too eaten away by big big rats and cockroaches. There is not doctor or medicine. If we fall sick we fall sick. No one to give medicine and take care. There is many many mosquitoes. My friends has malaria, fever, liquid stool. It is difficult to fight the Maoist in empty stomach and sickness.

I follow your orders, Sir. I do all my duty, Sir. Please have pity, Sir. I don't want to die.

Your obediently,
Country servant SatyaHari  Mondol


  1. Before I comment on this... Was this written by you? or this is from some other source? I mean if it is the viewpoint from someone else...

  2. Posts on my blog depicts my viewpoints/thoughts/imaginations