Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Story of a "Book" Worm

There was a worm. Her husky brown color camouflaged with its wooden niche'. Day in and day out she kept herself busy scratching her head with one of her dozen legs wondering what to do when she grows big. Shall she go exploring other corners of the world or live a comfortable life where she had spent the earlier years. Fellow worms turned into elegant colorful butterflies and spread out their wings to conquer the nature. But this poor worm had no hope of having those colorful wings for it had an ugly brown slithering body. She thought that perhaps her life would be unlike others, a dull and gloomy among the thick bound books on the wooden shelves. Her slithering body and tiny dozen legs rebelled with the thought of becoming a beautiful butterfly and set free from this corner of the library into the garden swaying over the nectar filled flowers. Her monotonous days passed by chewing the pages and the covers of the books. While her friends were already unfurling their wings , this worm was still crawling deep behind the books.
One fine morning the worm woke up hopeless. Her mind was not bothered by any apprehension. Life seemed the same but had something unusual. Fellow worms gazed at her with astonishment. Some wished good luck while others were dumbstruck. She felt uneasy and something uncomfortable around her chest under her shoulder. As she rotated her head to find the cause of this vexation, her eyes spotted a sliver of bright crimson wings circumscribed by golden yellow. Her heart bounced within her chest. The day has come . It's her day. She has finally got wings. She was about to shed her slithery brown skin and transform into a velvety black bodied butterfly. She stretched her wings, which flattered among the dusty books. The world outside waited with all its extravagant display to welcome her. She was standing on the edge of the book shelve which had been her home for so many years, her wings flapping gallantly. The runway was waiting for her and she was ready to take off.


  1. the worm's hardwork and perseverance have been rewarded at last....and tat too in a gallant way!!! Good Luck for the flight ahead. BTW....butterflies don't need "runway" to take off !!!!! :P

  2. yes u r right..butterflies don't need runway but this butterfly is a special one.