Thursday, August 13, 2009


The bright beam of sunlight made its way through my eyelids. But it didn't hurt me. It was not that scorching as I had thought. The world around me is getting much more clearer now. I have started stepping out of my dreamland. It's only that, it took me 24 years to be awakened. Perhaps , I didn't want myself to be awakened before. I feared the scorching heat outside. People around me, who cared for me, thought me to be too delicate to face the rogue world, so did I.

But now, I am awakened (not fully I must say). The world out of my dreams, is not that bad and ugly. I could now see the silver lining of the dark clouds. I now know that there is the bright, glowing sun behind. The dream world was undoubtedly, safer and comfortable, but it was certain that I could no longer keep myself cocooned in it. The long sleep had come to an end, making its way to a "new beginning".

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