Saturday, December 27, 2008

An evening with Shahrukh Khan

There are certain things which I want to do before I die. Some sort of "Bucket List" , you can say. If the title of this post prompts you to think that I want to spend an evening with Shahrukh Khan, then you are mistaken.

My wishes are not that difficult to fulfil. I just want to watch a Shahrukh Khan movie in a theatre. You must be thinking, how can this be someones dream? it's such a regular thing. You must have seen loads of them. But to tell you the truth, I have never seen a movie in a commercial theatre. I want to feel the moment. The moment when Shahrukh's voice would echo in the air as if he's some where near me. The moment when he would dance with joy. I would experience the moment when he would twitch his face in pain and shed tears in grief screening his personality in my eyes and heart. Am I sounding like typical Shahrukh maniacs? Well if you feel so then I must tell you I'm not those who go crazy for him. I'm just like any other person with the dream of getting mesmerised by my favourite hero on the silver screen.

I don't really know when I'll be actually watching Shahrukh Khan right in front of me playing some character like "Rahul" or "Surinder Sahani" or "Kabir Khan", but I promise to tell you my experience the day my wish comes true.


  1. haahhaaahahahah
    nothing to nice and u r crazy [:)]

  2. Shahrukh Khan -- one of my favourite Bollyhood idol.