Sunday, July 13, 2008

Being Invisible

I was just beside you when
you wanted to share your happiness.
But you never realized.

I was just there,
when you invited others to your party.
But you never missed my presence.

I was just next to you,
with wet eyes waiting for your soft words.
But my tears never touched you.

I was just there when
you wanted someone to hold your hand.
But you never reached out for.

I was always around you,
but you never felt my existence.
For I never tried to tell you,
how it feels to be invisible.


  1. a gud philosophical poem......still i m trying to understand what exactly u r trying 2 say !!!!

  2. Common let's see, who can tell me what I really meant in this poem.

  3. What are you talking about?? :-) Give us a clue at least

  4. i have a feeling tat u r speaking in from a shadow's point of view !!!! or r u speaking abt a person or some form of relationship ?? give hints !!

  5. well , let me reveal's from a person's perspective who has been neglected and ignored.Whose presence has not been felt. Nobody bothered to acknowledge his/her existence...It can be put in other way as well. It's about the person who was always with you , but you never understood his/her true value.

    So try n look around u to visualize that invisible person

  6. i dont know u but i have to say that ur poem cuts like a knife...its simply put yet so deep
    its amazing!

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