Thursday, June 26, 2008


It churned a series of experiences and feelings in me. Started with a sign of relief on the day before yesterday. At last I got staffed on an assignment. Can't explain how it feels to sit idle with every one busy working around me. It makes me feel so insignificant and out of place.

I got a sight of just the tip of the ice-berg. My excitement and relief soon turned pale. Now the concern to come up with relevant results engulfed me. Ticking time haunted even more. But this is how it is in corporate world. Each second counts and you need to deliver the best. The work seemed endless and of course exhaustive. At times I felt may be I'm in the wrong court. Trying to spot a place without an address in this universe.

But I never felt frustrated. This is the quality I like the most about me. My will power to never give up until the final goal is achieved. So I kept working on it, till came out with "the desired result".

Mission Accomplished !!!!

Key Learning:
Never give up. Fight till the end. There's nothing that you can't do. Believe in yourself.Patience and will power is the key. There's no alternative to hard work.


  1. Well said Aditi..My point is that the nature of the court doesn't matter..what matters is how you play there. Earlier i used to search a spot for MYSELF..not now..hope you got the reason why.

  2. very well written.......

    until next time ;)

  3. I wish I could say, "I have will power."

  4. its ur patience n will power which has made u successful till now....keep up the gud work....we, all who knows u....will kno tat u will b a real winner of life !!!