Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fooled

Phone rang up yesterday, when I was enjoying my daily dose of TV serial as usual. It was Mohona from the other end her voice pitching on a nervous note..."Bring SB's group theory copy tomorrow to the class, I need to xerox it urgently. GV next wednesday , with PKC, SB and DM in our panel", she said. "Who told you this??" .. I tried to sound a bit confident, though I could sense the sudden irregular vibration of my heart with warming of my ears. "Abhishek found a fresh notice this evening", she informed...."OK, I'll see to it.."

My friends would have loved to see what happened next. I almost jumped on my seat to see the rest of the serial ,since I didn't want to miss the scene of the hero playing pranks on the heroine. But could hardly enjoy it. PKC , SB, DM together in my panel made me rush to the study room as soon as the serial ended. I stormed through my old copies and got a few to have a look for my preparation of the "GV". I , who would have otherwise engulfed two more serials , now started revising Statiscal Mechaniscs with much effort to understand what the copy produced. A hour of brushing of the important looking formulae , brought back my lost confidence. But by then , my friends succeed in what they wanted. I was being a FOOL, all this time.

Later that night, I talked to some more class mates regarding this piece of information to confirm and came to know that it was just a "APRIL FOOL HOAX".

I knew from the day before that , the only thing that I can be fooled on the April Fool's Day was the dreadful GV. My friends managed to fool me inspite of me being aware of the fact. But Alas !!! couldn't see me panic and being fooled....

This is for them to enjoy....

N.B: I would like to thank my friends for this prank because they gave me the thrust that I needed to start my preparation for the GV. It's been long since I wanted to start my preparation but couldn't get the tempo. You all helped me to kick off. THANX


  1. I wish i cud have been fooled 4 another week.....wid have completed b y prep by then !!

  2. wah wah, bt u dint mentioned the person behind this hoax!!

  3. and dont lie, u dint know anything in night, I know u went to dep to see notice board, jyada stud mat bano :D

  4. abhishek , bakwaaz mat kar...mujhe raat mein shubhadeep ne bhi bata diya tha, tum april fool bana rahe ho. subah main lab gayi thi , notice board bhi dekh liya..[:P]