Sunday, March 30, 2008

Few more days...

That one thing which I hate the most these days is , people smiling at me saying .."Ohh my God, you've only one month left to complete your college life. Then you'll be stepping into another phase of your life...".
These words hammers on my heart. I strange feeling engulfs me. As if my life's going to change to something I'm scared of. More than being happy about the forthcoming transition , I'm desperate to hold this moment tight, so as to stop it from passing out of my grip. It's not because the dreadful "Grand Viva" is at the door, not because the final M.Sc project presentation is drawing near. It's because , all of a sudden the warm kharagpur, seems so pleasant. Each street , the trees , the sky over the Tata steel complex seems all mine. It reminds me that I'll not be here after a few months.

My sister once told me "When you'll leave this campus then you'll realize its charm"... I can feel every word of it now. This place , which has nothing like shopping complex or city like amusement parks , has peace and serenity. The assurance that you are safe within its strong walls. The warm feeling of being known and loved , and hated may be...

So, every time someone reminds me of the short time I've got to spend in this campus , I feel like running away or scream on top of my voice so as to stop those unbearable words coming into my ears. This doesn't happen though, and I stand there listening with a fake smile on my face with my heart hammering hard in my chest.


  1. Ur mates who say this also has got their hearts hummering while they speak........still 2 me saying this continuously 2 every1 i meet helps me to acknowledge the fact tat i will b leaving kgp !!

  2. I felt the same.
    The last month- it is very painful! In fact the time when you have to stay in the college[for project] and rest of the junta(juniors etc.) have left, it's even more houndind.
    But it happens, Life moves on...