Saturday, September 22, 2007

Retrospection (contd)

Well starting from where I ended may not be much interesting because nothing exciting happened soon after. The faces which had become familiar and friendly in the past one year had gone and a set of new faces joined me this time only 14 excluding me. Only 15 was left to occupy class rooms which could accommodate nearly 40. So we had enough space all around to take lung full of breath and sit relaxed. The classes were then being populated in a peculiar but very much scientific manner. A very few sat in the front rows and a majority at the back, as if there was an energy gap between the energy level. The more enthusiastic ones in order to make a better impression on the teachers and to engulf the lectures more clearly settled down in the front seats while the relaxed ones occupied the seats sticking to the wall opposite to the black board. I was in the first group along with the other and only three girls in the class.The very well dressed and sober Saba , the very punctual and discerning Debarati , and the very sincere and perspicacious Mohona . Lab classes gave us enough time to do all our chatting and gossiping on topics possibles on earth from TV serials to the teachers to fellow classmates.
It was the dinner of Dept Intro in our second year. We were now among the seniors though just a year ago we were the freshers. There's nothing like ragging ever that I've seen apart from a few verbal questioning to the nervous looking freshers. I've experienced it before. Few of my seniors and friends started interrogating the freshers and felt pity on them. I wanted to restrain Mohona from this and landed up in squabble. That was the first and I hope the last time I've had any wrangle with her.
Didn't talk to others much initially which perhaps made an arrogant image of mine. But those who know me often get bugged by my constant verbal effusion. A number of times me grouped with Mohona and Shiladitya engage in a friendly altercation with Abhishek , the boy from Patna on the very hot topic of Bongs vs Bihari ,who is joined by Pranavjeet. The noisy discord defies any restriction of place or teacher. May it be the Physical lab or in front of the Dept Office or near the Seminar room while an eminent guest was delivering a lecture, our decibel elevated higher and higher.
We tried hard to manipulate our time table at our will in order to get holidays in the week days and we succeeded to do so. Could often convince teachers to take classes apart from the early hours in the morning.
Had a Dept picnic in our third year. Though it wasn't much enjoyable but it was memorable. The place hadn't any water body like river or lake which I'm fond of, but had spectacular rose garden and greenery all around. That was first Dept picnic we attended along with the teachers and fellow depies.
Biochemistry classes in the Takshila building were a new experience with the video recording done. SDG ma'am seemed a bit conscious about her lectures and made each of her points very clear which she always does.
Three hours of lab classes soon gave way to double its duration. Spending six hour in a lab had vivid experiences. More time in lab meant more time of experimenting and working with the chemicals standing all the way through. But the thought of more time for gossip and relaxing allayed the exhaustion of standing for six hours.
But soon the classes and Lab were no longer for us 15 but was overtaken by a huge herd of "lattus". "Lattu" is what we call the 2 year Lateral M.Sc students. The most intolerable category of people they are. Exasperating and exploiting us to the fullest. Though initially seemed friendly but soon showed their parasitic nature when we got paired up with them in the Physical chemistry 2 Lab. With cheap jokes and mockery they tainted the ambiance of our serene and peaceful class of 15. Now the class had 41 heads. No more energy gap existed but a continuum of energy levels. Every chair had an occupant. And we the first benchers now joined our fellow Integrated M.Sc classmates in the back benches. I wish these people had never joined us.
Computational lab was too small to accommodate our huge population of 15. Paired up in groups of two, one of each group slumped on to the computers busy writing codes for the simulation. There weren't any space for the two partners two sit side by side. So the other one had to peep over the shoulder of his/her partner to have look of the screen for one set had to sit behind the other.
Dept intros used to be fun watching the freshers do caricatures as told by the seniors and even the teachers. A good dinner after that complemented it. Once a boy walked up to me and started giving me his introduction. I was a bit taken back for I never asked for his intro. He told me some seniors had sent him to me to give his intro as a part of his OP with them as I was standing aloof and had may be a stern look which made them think me to be very grave person. I enjoyed it having known that the boy was from Durgapur near my grandparents house.
The educational trip to Haldia last semester was more of a picnic than education. It would have been better had there been no "Lattus". Though we by god's grace managed to be away from them the entire journey but few of our fellow classmates survived their cacophonous orchestra all the way through.
I would like to end this post with a heartiest thanks to all my friends who helped and encouraged me all these years. I can never forget these people. It would be unjust not to mention these very special names. They are Mohona, Saba , Debarati , Shiladitya , Abhishek , Pranavjeet , Shubhadeep and JDB. Thank you all for the support and help that you've rendered me at different point of my college life.


  1. thanx 4 calling me sincere and perspicacious....i m flattered !! :D ...but yes i m not any one of these...!!!!!
    this post made me feel nostalgic...and 4 the 1st time made me realise tat we have just got a few more mnths left 2 b with each other....

  2. that was a good continuation..........u r really too good at writing blogs..hope i manage to learn something from you[:)]
    bt ya i njoyed the lattu part most,truly "exasperating" ppl..deadening